Book design


With a B.A. (Hons.) in Graphic Design

and over 20 years professional experience, working for some of London’s top design agencies, I can ensure the very best possible results.

Original design

No templates! Everything I design is original, considered and appropriate to your specific requirements.


I’m extremely fast and constantly strive

to go faster.

Expert Adobe InDesign user

The professional designer’s software choice, allowing complete creative control.

Advanced image retouching skills

Available if required.

Excellent print production knowledge

I know what can be achieved and how

to achieve it.

Blurbarian* since 2007

As an official design partner of online book publisher Blurb*, I’m given certain privileges to ensure better quality results.

*Some Blurb about Blurb

As an independant designer, I’m happy to work with any printer suggested. I’m equally happy to recommend Blurb who have revolutionised book publishing. They offer a fantastic range of options at incredibly low prices, backed with an outstanding level of service and quality. You can even sell your books via their website, for profit.